Press Release Submission Service

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Why You Should Use Press Releases

Before the advent of the Internet a press release would be something that you would try to have published in your local paper or an industry specific magazine to publicize some event within your organization. It was a great way to get “free” advertising as the targeted publications were looking for newsworthy stories to fill their pages. Press releases can still be used the same way but now you have the added benefit that there are literally thousands of websites, news sites, blogs and online magazines each with their own readership that are looking for news worthy articles to publish, stories just like yours. The problem is finding those sites that will publish your news; well press release submission does not have to be to each site individually. You therefore have to submit a press release to one of these distribution services like ours and they will get your press release to their often dozens of subscribers for publication. Not only will this get your news read by potentially many thousands of targeted customers it also helps to boost your own websites rankings in the search engines. Many of the sites through which you can publish your release are highly respected by Google and other search engines and have high page rank ensuring that you gain a quality link to boost your sites placement in the search engine results.

Writing Your Press Release for Submission

Just writing a very standard release that is quite frankly boring and uninspiring is not going to get your release published or even read. Publishers and readers want to see a headline that will grab their attention and make them want to read more and that first paragraph had best deliver also if you want them to continue to read. Our highly professional and experienced press release writers can help you come up with a perfect release for our press release submission service.

How Our Press Release Submission Services Work

Within our service you are able to select each site for press release submission. You can select as many or as few as you want and we will do the leg work to manually submit your PR to each of them using your required keywords and category. Your release will then be directly published by the chosen sites. Our press release submission service will save you a huge amount of work and get your release seen by many across the internet while boosting your site also.