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The unfortunate reality of the publishing industry is that print literature seems to be mostly in decline, books are selling less and less, and this just puts increased pressure on the author and publisher to distinguish themselves out of the gate. One of the best ways to do this is the book press release, where you will communicate what the book’s about, some general information on the release, and why people should be excited about it. Book press releases are perhaps the best way to generate hype for a book, and hype is a necessity if you want to be successful in this tough market. If you want your book to be the most it can be, then a professional press release is your solution.

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A professional book press release gives you a whole set of advantages you wouldn’t have without it, professionally written press releases will mark you as a serious and professional author, it will create a name for you and some hype in the literary community, it will essentially indicate that you’re on the scene to stay. Who do you trust with your book press release? That’s easy, it should be us! Our professional writing service solely writes press releases, and we specialize in book press releases, we have some professional writers with experience in the literary industry who have the inside knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the most out of your press release. Whether you want to buy press release or simply need help, just visit our site and your problems are over!

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