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Is Writing News Releases Effective?

A news release or press release is a simple yet often effective way to market your brand as well as your actual products and services. A news press release is not expensive and yet can often reach far more potential new customers than other forms of advertising if it is done well. Those people that dismiss news releases as an effective form of marketing have not really understood how to write a news release in a way that gets it both published as well as read. A poorly written uninteresting news release is very unlikely to get published and even less likely to be read.

Using News Release Services

News release services such as ours will allow you to access news release writing as well as news release distribution services. We employ some of the very best news release writers in the industry who know exactly how to take an everyday news release and turn it into a news story that will generate interest as well as get published across the internet and even offline publications.

You need to make use of news release services that provide both writing and distribution services to ensure that your news release will be both written to a high standard as well as being delivered to many different publications for potential publishing.

How Our News Release Service Can Write Your News Release

Whether it is an offline or an online news release you have to ensure that it is written within a very specific format. A news release is a journalistic article and will be expected to reflect those standards; if it does not it will be discarded.

You also need to have it written in a way that will actually get it read. Consider what you actually read when you read through a news paper either online or when you buy one from the news stand. If the story does not have an interesting headline you will likely skip it or merely skim the first few lines. Even if it has a good headline, if the first few paragraphs do not then reflect the headline and fail to generate that same level of interest you will move on to the next story.

Our news writing service understands exactly how to generate and maintain the reader’s attention and will write you a news release that will not only get read but will get published. After all, the publisher will want a news release that will be of interest to their readers.

Our News Release Distribution Services

Our news release services are not just limited to just writing, our service includes both offline and online distribution ensuring that your top notch news release will be seen by thousands of sites and offline publications. If you want to ensure that you maximize the effect of your news release use our news release services.