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Why Is My Online Press Release not Generating any Traffic?

Many people use press releases to generate traffic back to their website or to their social media pages; but sometimes they seem to generate zero or very little traffic. People also complain that their press releases are just not generating any sort of response at all.

The reason for this is that online you have to consider not just having a press release that is written to generate interest in the reader but also written to attract the search engines. This is done through something known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Our SEO press release service understands how to write for both the reader and the search engines such as Google ensuring that your press release is both found and read.

How a SEO Press Release Service Works

Press release SEO is about understanding what people that have an interest in your product or services will be searching for. If you sell ice cream trucks but your business is named after your family the average searcher that wants to buy an ice cream truck or wants to learn about the industry will not be typing your family name into Google to find you. The phrases and words that they can use to find your products and services are discovered through something called keyword research and our service knows just how to find and use the right words within our SEO press releases to maximize the number of times your press release will turn up in the search engines and even on services such as Google news.

We also know how to not over-optimize a press release as this can have the opposite effect that you are searching for from your SEO press release.

Press release SEO is not just about keywords, it is also about the use of images, layout and even other media such as video. We will be able to ensure that you get the best possible from your press releases SEO.

Our SEO Press Release Services

Our SEO press release service employs the very best writers that know precisely how to write that killer press release that will get both published and written. They also know how to write for SEO also ensuring that firstly the right online sites can find your content to publish it and then the readers themselves will be able to find your content online.

Without our SEO press release service someone that has an interest in your business may have as much chance of finding your press release as finding a needle in a haystack.

Use our SEO press release service to maximize the return on your press release and ensure that your company gets found in the search engines.