Press Release Tips

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Why You Should Use Press Releases

Some people don’t rate using press releases for gaining publicity for their business but quite frankly that is because they don’t know how to get the best from their press releases. These press release tips will help you to better understand how you can generate additional buying traffic from your press releases. A well written press release can boost your chances of being published in a range of different places such as online magazines, news sites, blogs, and other websites and even in offline publications. Distribution of your press release online can place your release in front of many thousands of site owners many of whom have significant levels of traffic and high credibility with Google and the other search engines. If just a few of these publish your story it can add a significant boost to your rankings and your visitors.

Press Release Writing Tips

The most important of these press release tips is to get your press release professionally written through a service such as ours. Writing a good press release is an art form that requires much practice and a lot of experience. A full time press release writer such as we employ knows exactly how to write your press release to gain maximum exposure. Our writers will be able to come up with a hook; this is your headline and it must make the reader want to read your release, if not you have already failed. Next you need to make sure that the initial few lines will interest the reader and make them want to read on, our reading habits are such that if we don’t see something of interest almost immediately we move on to the next story. Once you have hooked the reader in and convinced them to continue reading you need to have a call to action to gain your benefit from the release, this can be as simple as giving them a reason to visit your site or maybe to turn up at an event you have organized. Our highly professional writers can make sure that your press release will have followed these tips for writing a press release. Our writers also understand how to get your release ranked in the search engines through following their own SEO press release tips.

Press Release Distribution Tips

It would take forever to identify every related blog and site in your business niche who may want to publish your story, therefore you must use a press release distribution service who will provide your release to these sites for you. Submitting to more than one of these services will ensure that you get a higher possibility of publication.

Our Press Release Distribution and Writing Service

Our press release distribution allows you to publish your press release to many other distribution services online, many of which are very highly regarded by Google and the other search engines. One of our press release tips is not to ignore the lower ranking distribution services; even if they have a lower page rank they could still get you published on a high ranking page through their subscribers.