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Quality new product press release examples can be difficult to find, and writing a product press release example yourself can be difficult.  We offer many product launch press release samples to make writing a new product press release template easy.  Writing sample product press releases shouldn’t be a chore!

Here’s an example of our work – a product press release sample:

January 1st, 2001
Mr. John Smith
XYZ Company
1 Apple Street, Somewhere USA

XYZ Announces a New SUPER-WIDGET!

Widget performs twice as well as the competition!

Somewhere, USA –  January 1, 2001 – The XYZ Company released a new widget today that threatens to make all other widgets obsolete. Large red boxes with “SUPER-WIDGET” on the side began flying out of stores early this morning.  Consumers can’t seem to get enough of the new product.

“We were calling it the Super-Widget as a joke during development,” explains XYZ Company CEO John Smith, “but the name just seemed to stick.  Certainly the customers aren’t complaining.” Many customers reported that the name of the new widget was one of the things that caught their eye.

“It’s a catchy name – a little goofy, sure, but it also describes the product pretty well,” said Mrs. Evita Charles, walking out of the BigBox store with a Super-Widget under her arm.  “I mean, this will do twice as much as my last widget did!  What a bargain!”

The new Super-Widget derives its enhanced capabilities from a series of manufacturing and design improvements made in the XYZ Company’s research laboratories.


As you can see, writing an example of a press release for a new product and producing a great press release sample for new product isn’t difficult at all when you work with us!  We specialize in product press release samples as well as sample press release for new products and are excellent at what we do!  We hope to work with you soon!

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