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A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Every company has important news it needs to announce to the world, which is why press releases were designed, as they are the perfect way to communicate with an audience, and a press release writer is highly trained to write them well. In fact, a press release writer is trained in writing press releases in the special format that was eventually introduced. Using this standardized format, all PR writers follow the same rules when writing their releases.

That is why many companies hire a professional press release writer. While hiring a professional press release writer means having him or her at your service to write your company’s perfectly formatted newsworthy announcement, it means you’ll get PR perfection. Sure, some people think that hiring a professional PR writer is costly, but consider whether hiring professional press release writers would be as costly as writing a company press release yourself would be or not.

Consider this Press Release Editing

Imagine what would happen if your consumers saw a company press release formatted wrong, or containing a ton of spelling and grammar mistakes. Then imagine writing what you think is a great press release, spending hundreds of dollars on a distribution service, just to have that service reject your press release for not being formatted correctly, or for having too many spelling and grammar errors. Even worse, what would happen if that press release distribution service published your press release with those problems, what would your audience think?

Not to worry, because our we have a professional press release writer at your service, just ready and waiting to turn your company news and announcements into a perfectly formatted newsworthy press release, ready for distribution and global syndication.

Knowledgeable Press Release Writers

In fact, our knowledgeable press release writer is well versed with industry specific topics, creating original content that grabs your reader’s attention. Plus, as an added bonus, our press release writer can write a great press release using perfect grammar and spelling while adding specialized SEO services as well. Yes, that means using proper, industry related keywords, keyphrases and anchor text and creating backlinks, but it also means a bigger chance at more traffic, readers, and high profile PR success. PR writers can make a point,

Always at your service, our professional press release writer is waiting to write your company news release, showing off your company’s news and press perfection to the world.