SEO Press Release VS Ordinary Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

A good press release is one which stimulates the reader to try the product or service you are promoting. Press release writers are those who are expert in presenting the salient features of any item they are promoting with perfection. With the advent of the internet more and more people are opting for SEO press release instead of ordinary press release and understandingly so as the reach of online press releases is comparatively much more than the print media.

Difference between SEO press release and Ordinary press release

  • There are two types of press releases that are normally written by the press release writers. They are SEO press releases and ordinary press releases.
  • In case of ordinary press release, the write up is written for the readers of local regional readers and lack international appeal. Moreover it becomes stale a day after its release whereas a press release on the internet keep on attracting readers to the website for a long period.
  • An SEO press release is prepared with the aim of taking the website of the product or services in the topmost rankings of the Google index. It is rather used as an online marketing tool and is equipped with various features such as high interactivity and use of keywords.
  • Press release writers are briefed by the SEO marketers on the use of specific keywords. These keywords are used in such a way that they gel completely in tandem with the overall content of the press release.  
  • These keywords are highlighted in such a way that whenever a reader is searching for a particular topic, the link of the press release comes in the Google or Yahoo index and the chance of the reader reading your press release becomes much more.
  •  On the internet you can instantly reach millions of people worldwide without writing separately for different countries and client communities. One good effort in the form of SEO oriented press release is enough to introduce your product and service into the global market.
  • With SEO release you can also use photographs, images and pictures of the event or product to increase the visibility appeal which is not possible with the ordinary press release.

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