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A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

A well-written press release is vital to successfully communicating your message! 

The purpose of a press release is to give media professionals and journalists information that is useful, accurate and interesting. When you send a press release out, the goal is to attract favourable media attention. Therefore, before you write a press release you have to spend some time thinking about the reason why you want to issue a press release in the first instance. To ensure that your goals for writing the press release are met, takes careful planning. You have to ask yourself if your news is really news because there is often a fine line between news and sensation, and the last thing you want is for the reader to dismiss your press release.

Many important news stories go unnoticed for a variety of reasons such as they were not sent to a specific media professional, did not have killer headlines, or were riddled with many errors. Whatever the reason, Press Release Writing Service can assist you.

Unique Experience in Press Release Writing

We have been writing press releases for a very long time, so we know what it takes to write a press release that gets noticed. We have written press releases that have gotten our clients unprecedented amounts of publicity, and that is a key reason why we have so many repeat clients. We always give our clients what they want, and deserve, so they keep on coming back to us for more.

Our track record is so high because of our most valuable asset, the people who work for us. At Press Release Writing Service, all of our consultants who write and edit press releases for us are expert copywriters with journalism experience, professional writers who have worked in the media industry, or editors with journalism experience, and interactive marketing specialists.

Best Press Release Writers at Your Service

Our team of consultants understand what it takes to write a press release that gets a response from reporters, read by your target audience, and optimized for premium online search results. Our consultants can see the entire picture because they understand the complete process.

Even if you write well, you may want to consider using our services because the field is constantly changing, and it is difficult for you to keep up. It is our business, so we stay on top of all the changes that are shaping the press release writing field. These days, an effective press release is very different from what it was a short five years ago. Beyond the publicity aspect of press releases, they also have the capacity to expand your presence in search engine listings.

Only SEO Friendly Press Release Writing

To get the most attention, press releases have to be search engine optimized with the right keywords to ensure that your company, and its products and services appear everywhere people look online, helping you to climb the search engines, and attracting new customers to your website. To achieve higher placement on results pages, it’s important for your primary keywords to be featured in your headline, subheading, introduction, and two to three times within the body copy, as well as incorporated as hyperlinked text. We have search engine optimization specialists on staff who will work with you on keyword development.

We are here to serve our clients, so you can bring us in at any stage of the process. What does that mean for you? We can take care of everything from pr writing to press release distribution. Or you could send us your press release, which has already been written, and we have two options here – editing and refinement may be all that you need, but if we believe that you press release needs to be rewritten, we will tell you, and explain why we feel that way.  If the press release you have written is polished and free of grammar and spelling errors, we can distribute it for you.

Give Press Release Writing Service a call today and let us know how we can help with your press release writing needs.