Terms of Service

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Our Agreement

You may use this Service in compliance with these terms and conditions. You may only use our Service if you can provide us with a contract form, and you’re not banned under any laws. This Terms of Service may change at anytime without any further notice to you. We may modify, suspend, or stop this Service anytime without any further updates to you. At our own discretion, we may also take out the content of this Service anytime.

1. Terms

  • Never use this Service for unauthorized or illegal purpose. All users from any parts of the world shall agree to adhere with all existing local laws about an acceptable content and proper online conduct.
  • Provide us with your name and email address and other important information in using this Service.
  • Keep a working website.
  • Be responsible on your conduct on posting names, photos, profiles, graphics, video or audio clips, and links that you publish here.

2. Content Published

Through submitting your content to us, you assure its accuracy. pressreleasewriters.org doesn’t claim ownership of the post you owned and submitted to our Service. By posting your content to us, you’re granting us for a worldwide non-exclusive license to adapt, modify, reproduce, and publish your content for the purpose of distributing, displaying, and promoting your content. You’re also providing us a worldwide royalty-free use of your content pressreleasewriters.org doesn’t provide guarantee that all services are accurate including interruptions, omissions, loses, delays, or defects even if the cause is mechanical or human error. We don’t make a warranty whether expressed or implied when it comes to this Service. We won’t also warrant any specific placement on news releases or pick up any news release.

3. Privacy

By using this Service, you agree that you’re subject to all policies when it comes to the collection and protection of your privacy in using this Service. You also understand that you’re giving us consent to collect data from you for communication, announcements, and administrative messages. All these communications are part of your account and of the Service agreement. You may not opt out to receive such messages.

4. Terms of Payment

You shall recognize to pay all the charges and fees incurred by your account for using our service. You shall agree the billing terms, charges, and fees which take effect during the time that it’s payable and due.

You also agree to provide use with your accurate and complete billing information. You shall agree that in case you need to modify some parts of your contact information, this shall be done within 30 days.

5. Content Restriction and Service Use

You’re the sole responsible person in ensuring that your press releases are complying with the existing statutes, laws, and rules. We have the right to access, preserve, read, or disclose any information which we deem need to satisfy legal processes, applicable law, government request, or regulation. In addition, it includes the prevention of fraud or technical issues. Lastly, it’s needed to respond to request of users and to protect the property and rights of the public, the user, and pressreleasewriters.org.

6. Termination of Account

As a user, you may stop from using this service anytime you wish to. We also have the right to end or suspend this Service with or without any further notifications. In addition, we may also suspend your account if we deem you’re not complying with these terms of service.

7. Communication

If there’s something you wish to clarify about these terms, contact us now.