What Makes a Great Press Release?

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There are specific standards that are required in developing a high quality press release and our team of experienced press release writers knows what it takes to develop a great press release. One of the most important factors in creating a press release is the formatting. There are several formats that are accepted for developing a good press release and our writers know what the most common and most accepted formats are.

Press Release Word Length

A high quality press release has the optimum amount of words. Our press release writers will develop a press release consisting of 300-600 words in length which is the most optimum length for the industry. The typical press release contains 500 words of excellent text. Our writers can create a quality press release without using filler or fluff simply to reach a targeted word amount.

No Fluff or Fillers

The best press release will make every word count, without overdoing it. Our press release writers understand the goal of a great press release is to get the point across about the news announcement without attempting to write an extensive fluff filled piece. The press release should be a matter of fact text piece, engage the reader and grab the reader’s attention. The first few sentences will be the hook to either make the reader want to finish reading or move on to something else.

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Clear Specifics

Our press release writers understand the logistics to a great press release and will write clearly stated specifics. There will never be hyped up text, such as the greatest or similar wording. A press release should be interesting and avoid being vague. The press release created by our writers will have strong action words and be completely free of all spelling and grammar errors.


A press release should be written in relevance to the topic. Our press release writers know the difference between writing a press release for a special event versus a press release for the launching of a new product. For example, the headline for a product launch will be more general than the headline for an award or special event.

Final Paragraph

The press release writers at PressReleaseWriters.org understand that the last paragraph is just as important as the headline, if not more so as it is the paragraph that includes your company information. The last paragraph of the press release will be about your company, including information such as history and your marketing approach. This is a short, but powerful paragraph and our writers know how to pack the punch.

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