Your Photo in a Press Release: Pros and Cons

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Press releases are a must to put forth the services and products of a company or an organization in a positive way by using different mediums such as print, outdoor, television, radio and internet. Specialized press release writers are made to work on these write ups so that the intended message reaches the niche audience effectively.   Nowadays, a new practice has been introduced in this field and that is a press release photo.

Pros of using photos of press release writers

  • A name gives you an identity whenever it is mentioned below the press release. But when the photographs of press release writers are added to the press release, you become instantly famous.
  • A press release photo can then become a point of recognition and those readers who earlier had read your press releases and liked it will stop by your press release again.
  • A good press release writer can hence create a good credibility for himself and also for the product, service or concept for which he is writing.
  • When the press release is released through the internet, the reach of the release and the writer becomes international.
  • This in turn enhances the brand value of the product, or a concept you are promoting through press release.

Cons of press release photo

  • Press release photo can attract the reader more to the writer than to the actual content in the press release.
  • If the writer is very famous, then despite the services being good or the product being of high quality, it is the writer who gets more kudos and attention due to which the main purpose of the press release which is to create awareness about a brand is lost.
  • If the press release is not well written or has biased views, readers can dislike you. In such cases, the next time your photograph appears along with the press release, the reader might choose not to read it based on his previous experience.

So in this way, you have a few advantages of using photographs of a press release writer and some disadvantages as well.

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