5 Must Haves of a Catchy App Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Even though audio communication provides much of our daily information, press releases still are very important. These can be put in print media or even posted to social media sites. They are not ancient artifacts at all. There are several things that a good press release has to have.

Working with an App Press Release

First of all, easy on the language. Don’t get wrapped up in all the technical terminology. Techno-geeks love that, but nobody else understands it. You want to make sure that the general public understands and appreciates how that app is going to make their lives easier or more exciting.

Some Things Belong in Every Press Release

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile app press release or iPhone press release, there are certain things have to be part of the text. The old press release formula of Who, What, When, Where, How needs to be followed.


Brevity is the soul of wit and also the most important part of a press release. This form of communication should be no more than 450 words, if the news outlet needs more information, they will contact you.

Hit Them with the Headline

The headline is your chance to make a great impact on the reader. Be sure that it is worded in such a way as to turn a person’s head, and rivet that person’s eyes to the print. An iPad app press release is made that much better if there’s a little bit of zing to the opening words. You have to keep in mind that even on an Internet posting site people browse and rarely stop. If you have an app that is just amazing and make sure that the headline is as awesome as the product.

 Never Forget the Contact Information

Don’t let the reader go without supplying what he or she may need to get in contact with you. A little information about your organization to is important. All of this can be at the bottom of the press release.

You may find it is convenient to use of an app release service. This is a group of professionals that are experienced with communicating information to the general public. We can provide that kind of assistance that you need and we will charge very affordable prices. When it is important to get that press release out and provide the news impact you want, you cannot do better than contacting us. We can make your communication catchy and impressive at the same time.

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