5 Must Haves of a Movie Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

A movie press release is something that is a little bit more than ordinary. This is a communication to the public at large who will, hopefully, buy tickets to the show or download the movie on Netflix. This is more than just an announcement; the wording has to make the release almost an event by itself. Here are five things that a film press release must have.

There Has To Be An Eye-Catching Title

The media receives hundreds of thousands of press release notices a weekly basis. A movie press release has to stand out and catch the eye immediately. This could be as easy as having the name of the lead actor/actress in the title to the press release. A subheading can further mention the movie and draw the reader into the body of the text.

The Movie Press Release Has To Have an Angle

Once the reader’s attention has initially been secured, you have to keep them reading and that requires having an angle. The text can explain the movie is the first of its kind in a given genre, there are amazing fight scenes or pyrotechnics, or this is the first movie of its kind to use a certain type of filmmaking technique. The angle can also mention how current the topic of the movie is and how it can affect the audience;

Stress the Importance of the Movie in the Film Press Release

This can take a number of directions. You may want to indicate the size of the budget, who is the distributor for the film, and will it be shown internationally. These are all things that are interesting and informative at the same time. They are what a reader will want to know.

Mention Important Dates And Events

The date when the movie is going to be available to the public should be in the event press release. Also, if this film festival press release the name of the festival and the dates it will be held should be mentioned. Any special public viewing or award ceremony that is in the future for this particular film has to be in the content.

Great Closing of Your Movie Press Release

Close with contact information. Always take the opportunity to have members of the press corps or news media contact you for further information. Be sure that telephone number, Skype number, email address, or any other means by which an information person for the film can be contacted quickly. Offer the possibility of a press kit upon request. That is something that’s always appreciated.

The press release generates buzz; the word-of-mouth and chatter that a moving needs in order to generate sales. Incidentally, the press release should be no more than 400 words and if you make sure that the above-mentioned items are in the press release, you can easily provide all information within that word limit.

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Really Good Film Coming to a Theatre New You in April 2014

January 29, 2014, New York, NY – All post-production work has been completed on Really Good Film, enabling the film to be released to the general public on April 1, 2014.

Really Good Film was produced by the Warner Brothers and drew a lot of critically acclaimed attention due to its controversial plot line and well-known cast. Starring in Really Good Film are real life power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Jolie and Pitt portray Gabriella Caio and Joey Guidice, a real life Romeo and Juliet with a modern twist; star-crossed lovers kept apart by their families powerful roles in the Italian mafia.

“Gabriella was one of my favorite characters to play thus far in my career,” said Jolie. “Although her circumstances are unusual, her feelings are representative of so many young women in our society today. I hope to bring to light the struggles that young women face in order to feel worthwhile.”

Although the majority of this film is set in Italy, the movie was actually filmed on-location in Paris and in Prague. Both location provided breathtaking backgrounds featured throughout the movie.

“You may think you’ve seen this movie before,” said John Smith, Really Good Film director. “But there’s a major twist that you will not see coming and will definitely not want to miss.”

Really Good Film was inspired by true events and loosely based on the life of Marisa Tolomei, a motivational speaker and award-winning artist.

Really Good Film is set to be released in most theatres on April 1, 2014. Pre-sale tickets will be available at select number of theatres throughout New York City.


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