A Guide On App Press Release Writing

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

There are many apps out there, so how do people get to know about your app and how to get it? Well one of the most cost efficient ways is to create an app press release to gain free advertising within the relevant publications and sites that people likely to want to use your app will look.

What should your app press release include?

Your new app press release has got to sell your new app. If you don’t blow your own trumpet it is unlikely that someone else will. This means that your press release has to aimed at the people that want to use it and tell them what they need to know. Your app press release should tell them:

– What your App does
– What it does that the competitor’s doesn’t
– What it does better than other apps
– How they can download it

Writing a compelling new app press release

Your app press release has to have a title that will really grab the reader’s attention as soon as they see it. Unless you have a headline that hooks them in you will not get read by your target audience. The headline must also not be exaggerated, nor should it be too “way out” just to get the reader to start to read. Your opening paragraph must then give the reader exactly what you want them to know. If you do not tell them what the headline promises within the first few lines of your app press release they will soon skip to another article rather than reading yours. Even though your press release is to inform the public it should be written very much to sell the advantages of your app over any other and make the reader want it, for this you may need help of a skilled press release writer. You must also include a call to action; this is the most important parts of your release. If you don’t tell the reader how to actually get your app then your new app press release will fail to generate you sales.

Should you write your own app press release?

Many people make the mistake of writing their own press releases, unless you are a skilled writer you are unlikely to be able to generate the interest that a professional can. Using a professional for your new app press release writing will almost certainly generate far more sales than trying to do it yourself.

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