A List of Fake Phrases for Video Testimonials – Make Sure Your Testimonial Doesn’t Lie

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Consumers easily trust and get drawn to the video testimonials that they find online. This means, the word-of-mouth marketing is very effective online. This is why it is important for the marketers to focus more on what the consumers have to say about the products and services they have to offer. What the consumers have to say are the words that you are supposed to have in your video testimonials. If you are planning to make a fake video testimonial, you must make sure that the words you use are exactly the words that most of your consumers say about your products and services, this way, your video testimonial will not be spotted as a fake. If you want to make sure that your fake video testimonial looks authentic and is very effective, then you can buy video testimonial.

There are certain things that your fake video testimonial must have to make it more authentic and effective. These are the basic things in making a fake video testimonial, but if you buy video testimonial, everything will be easier for you. The things that your video testimonial must have are:

  • Your video testimonial must have specific information, such as telling what exactly the benefits that your products can provide are and how effective were the services that you offer. If you are more specific in your video testimonial, you can make connection with your audience and this will make it sound more authentic.
  • Your video testimonial must also have a structure. The structure must be “Problem-solution-outcome.” This means, you must first state what problems does the fake testimony has, then what the probable solutions, finally, you must explain what were the positive outcome your products and services can provide in solving that problem.
  • You must also be concise in your video testimonial. This means, it must have all the information in it without adding too much extra words. Your video testimonial must be short and concise. It must not be cluttered and it must not have too much flowery words. If you buy video testimonials, you can be sure that your video testimonial will be concise.
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