A Powerful Call to Action at the End of Your Press Release

Before you write a press release, make sure that you are clear about what you want it to do for you, then write it with that objective in mind. You are probably thinking only of the media and not your customers when you write your press release. A press release is meant to inform and educate and not to sell, but you can use it to educate and inform your customers as well as the media.

Call to Action in Your Press Release

A call to action is the sentence in your press release that tells readers exactly what you want them to do. You want readers to do something, to engage with you. You want them to act on the information in your press release after they have read it. A call to action is included at the end of the press release. When writing your press release, make sure that you do not give away all the information, cover only the basics because you want readers to be motivated and hungry to find out more and to take action.

Customize Your Press Release Call to Action

Not all call to actions are created equally. A powerful call to action is one that that solves a problem, meets a need, and delivers lasting value. It is one that gets a click to where you want your readers to go. Include a call-to-action statement when writing your press release that specifically asks readers to take the next step to learn more.

Tell More about Your Product

The call to action could lead readers to your website, which contains more specific information on the product your press release announced, it could lead them to your blog, or ask them to follow you on Twitter or become a fan on your Facebook company page. Your call to action could also be asking the readers to sign up for a newsletter, or a complimentary consultation, attend a book launch, participate in a marathon, view a demo of your product, download a White Paper, a request to take a survey or quiz where a reward is given for successful completion.

Example of a Powerful Call to Action

An example of a powerful call to action  – For more information about How to Write Press Releases That Get You Clients, please visit the book’s website at http://HowtoWritePress eleasesThatGetYouClients.com or contact our publicist, Jane Doe at 555-222-1212.

Things to Include in the Call to Action

For a powerful call to action to work, your press release must include information about your company such as its mission, strategy and URL address, as well as contact information so readers know who to follow-up with, so include a phone number, an email address, and the name of the person to contact, which is usually the PR representative, or a marketing communications person.

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