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A media press kit, as it is called in the business arena, is described as pre-packaged materials for promotion of an individual, a company or organization. This set of materials is circulated to media members for promotional purposes. These are most times sent out for news conference or to make an announcement regarding a release. The press media kit definition is changing. About ten years ago, this particular kit was described as a literal information package sent in a folder to reporters with the aim of attempting to spark interest in a particular company. However, this method was known to be quite burdensome.

Modern Day Media Press Kit

The best press kits today are a lot savvier. These now include folders that are elaborately designed with samples, CDs and flash drives with valuable information. The owner of a good media press kit today will know that even though it is sometimes good to put freebies inside the folder, a lot of it will be ignored and eventually thrown away. What we do today is help you with the shrunken version of media press kits that is represented in digital bytes. This makes it a lot simpler to manipulate by public relations personnel and reporters. We save you money on costs for mailing and printing. In addition, the modern format of the press media kit offers media immediate access to videos and photographs that promotes your business, which they are able to download and put to use right away.

Professional Media Press Kit Services

We provide assistance for the best press kit for our clients because we are aware that reporters who have urgent deadlines and working on multiple things all at once want an easy route to write something convincing about you. Professionals in the field of public relations will tell you that the creation of an excellent media press kit can be as essential as owning a hotline for customer service or a website today.

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