Add Pictures to Travel Press Releases

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

“American Airline gives 50% discount for Asia destinations”, “$100 Trips for Two”, or “New Tourist Destination for backpackers in Bali, Indonesia” are the most common headlines for travel press releases. But would you be excited about these press releases if they do not offer you anything to see?

People are naturally inclined to travel whether you admit it or not. They want to reach places—places they have never been before. Oftentimes, they go back to places they’ve been because of the beauty of the place. Because of the demand for travel, whether local or international, the travel industry continues to be one of the leading industries today. Press release writers also write travel press releases to inform the public of new destinations, cuisines, adventure themes, and almost anything about travel. Travel press releases are tools to inform the public where to go or if not, showcase the beauty of the world. In order to showcase them the beauty of the world, do not describe what they are going to see—let them see through pictures.

Like any other type of press release writing, a travel press release contains brief, clear, and straightforward information about anything related to travel. Many press release writing services or even individual press release writers write a lot of travel press releases for airline companies, hotels, inns, tour guides, and tourist destinations. Even the simplest place can request a travel press release from a press release writing service to announce something new about their place making it suitable for travellers.

Get a Perfect Format for Travel Press Releases

The same format in writing a press release should be followed in writing travel press releases. However, a press release writer writing a travel press release should also be able to provide images, pictures, and other visual aid as much as possible. Because of the nature of travel press release writing, it is the best option to provide readers with what they can see—images and pictures. The practice of adding pictures to press releases especially in the field of travel had been a custom in press release writing so why deviate?

Since there are many magazines, blogs, and newspaper sections that accommodate travel writing and features it in their publication, it is best that you seek the help of a press release distribution service. However, having personal contact with the editors, bloggers, and publishers gives your travel press release more chance to be published. Especially for magazines, the pictures are worth the publication. Therefore, it would not hurt to add pictures to your travel press releases.

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