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Free press release distribution UK

Press Release Distribution UKThe press release article is an effective tool for promoting your organization, product or service. Where many people run into problems is getting their press release distributed. Their budget may not have room for a press release distribution service. However, there are some sites that offer free press release distribution. UK organizations as well as others can have their press releases distributed without having to pay. Use of these services has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages
  1. Free – The number one advantage obviously is that they don’t cost anything to use.
  2. Easy to use – The processes are generally fairly simple
  3. Effective – They are relatively effective at getting your press release seen
  • Disadvantages
  1. Most require setting up an account – This can be tedious and a bit of an inconvenience
  2. Most don’t allow pictures and video
  3. Anchor text not allowed

Overall the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and for those on a tight budget, free press release distribution sites enables them to get their press release decent coverage.

Sites that provide free press release distribution UK and elsewhere

The following are some of the best free press release UK distribution sites that are available:


These sites offer a higher level of service such as better exposure and HTML links in your press release if you choose to pay a fee instead of going with the free service. Submitting your press release to the above sites doesn’t guarantee that your press release will be picked up by major news sites, but submitting a well written press release that is news worthy will improve the odds. Another alternative for those on a tight budget is to use the press release services our company provides.

About our press release services

We offer both press release writing and distribution services. Our writers are skilled professionals, well versed and experienced in writing press releases that get you the publicity you need. They are backed by our effective press release distribution services, consisting of a network of news media and press release submission websites we have developed. Press releases are manually submitted and you receive a complete distribution report with links. Writing and distributing press releases is our business and we are good at what we do. When you use our service benefits include:

  • Guarantees on all the work we provide
  • Inexpensive rates. Discounts are available
  • Fast and easy online order and payment process
  • Around the clock customer support 24/7

For effective and affordable press release writing and distribution, contact us with all of your press release needs.

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