Anniversary Press Release Examples To Receive Public Awareness

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Purpose of an anniversary press release

Anniversary Press ReleaseAn anniversary is an important date for a business or other type of organization, and the anniversary press release is a way to let the public know you have reached a significant milestone. Perhaps more importantly, the anniversary press release is a way to get your organization noticed by the public. The press release is a great promotional tool and anniversaries provide the opportunity to make good use of the call to action press release. Although the press release is often used to promote, it doesn’t do so directly.

Using anniversary press release examples

Press releases have a fairly standard format that they follow. They will consist of:

  • Headline
  • Opening paragraph – The opening paragraph of the press release should contain all of the important information (who, what, when, where, why), and be limited to two or three sentence.
  • Body – Expands on the information provided in the first paragraph. It should be written as a news story would be, and not like a piece of sales literature. At the end of the body provide information on how the reader can get further information
  • Final paragraph – Brief biography of the organization

Looking at other anniversary press release examples can provide you with an idea of how to write your own. The following is a basic example of an anniversary press release:

(Name of Website)

For immediate release – Date

(Name of Website) Celebrates 5 Years of Helping People Learn

Five years ago, (name of website )was launched by (client) with three pages of links designed to help

students and others improve their reading and writing skills. Today, the site lists over 1500 learning resources divided into 30 categories and averages 12,000 visitors every day.

“There are millions who have difficulty with reading” (client), a former teacher and school principal said. “I wanted to use cyberspace to offer the needed resources. The web means people can find help24/7.”

Students can find links to every sort of study program imaginable, from the well known websites to small tutoring groups. (Website) isn’t limited to providing help for reading and writing; Other subjects such as math and the sciences are being covered as well.

Asked about his plans for the future, (client) said, “The site, which is now advertiser supported, almost has a life of its own. I can see nothing but continued growth


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