Anniversary Press Release

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What is an anniversary press release?

An anniversary press release is a means of informing the public of a significant date or milestone that has been reached by your company, business, association or some other entity. It is also a chance to promote your business and keep it in the public eye. Many businesses use an anniversary and anniversary press release as a sales tool. For example a store may have a 10 percent off sale to celebrate a ten year anniversary. A android app press release announcing the store reaching its 10 year milestone is also used to promote the sale indirectly. Press releases announcing anniversaries may be used by charitable organizations to inform the public about what they do and to promote fundraisers. Any group, organization or business that needs publicity can make use of the anniversary press release.

Press release anniversary elements

Press releases have a standard format that is generally followed. Templates may be easily obtained online for free. Use a template for the physical layout of the press release. When writing a press release, it is always in third voice, like the style that newspaper journalists use. The following is a list of basic elements that will be contained in your press release.

  • Headline- Should clearly identify the topic and be catchy
  • Opening Paragraph-The first paragraph should contain all the press release anniversary important information (who, what, where, when and why). It should be limited to 2 or 3 sentences.
  • Body- The next few paragraphs make up the “story” and expand on the facts from the first paragraph. Keep in mind that you are reporting not promoting. Avoid the use of superlatives or anything that may be construed as a sales pitch. Include 1 or 2 quotes. At the end of the body provide information on how somebody can attend the anniversary event if there is one, or get further information
  • Final paragraph- Brief bio of company/organization
  • Provide contact information at the bottom of the press release

The press release should only be about a page in length.

Anniversary press release checklist

The following is a short checklist to use as a general guide for writing your press release

  • Use press release format
  • Covered the who, what, when, where and why
  • Clear concise sentences used. No sales talk
  • Contact information provided
  • Proofread for grammatical and spelling errors

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