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App Press ReleaseTraditionally filing a new app press release takes a great deal of time, but ironically certain types of apps can make it easier to promote new apps. Regardless of this, the actual rules of how to write the releases themselves haven’t really changed. This is because the release can be picked up by a number of various media outlets. Some of them could be online, others on the radio or even in print. By using a certain format any new app can be really promoted well to a variety of new users.

Shaping a New App Press Release

Young reporters fresh out of college adhere to the so-called five Ws as much as seasoned journalists. This means that any particular app press release should follow them as much as a regular writer would. While it might make a press release sound dry, there is a certain way in which they’re often formatting as a result:

  • The lead paragraph should be written in such a way that it answers as many of these question prompts as possible without sounding unusual or awkward.
  • Put the most important points up here and write in a way that’s quotable.
  • Follow the inverted pyramid system of diminishing importance if possible.
  • People who are referenced in the release should have contact information, if it’s important to allow members of the media to get in touch with them.
  • Closing paragraphs should always be a succinct statement involving the purpose and meaning of why a person should actually download and use the app in question.

Inverted Pyramid in Your New App Press Release

While a new app press release might follow a human-interest format that seems preferred by many of today’s reporters, it seems rather awkward for what is essentially a technology story. As a result, people use the inverted pyramid format instead. Start with what’s considered the most important information, and then go down from there.

For instance, it’s not too hard to add in more information about the developer later on down in the release. This can ultimately even get more sales leads if a particular developer is attempting to sell their apps. If someone realizes that they like an app they might look back to the release and find the developer’s name, then look this up on the app store. It’s important to think ahead to increase possible sales potential.

Getting the Timing Right in Your App Press Release

App Press Release SampleWhen writing a mobile app press release, its important to get the timing right. Press releases that get sent in way too early are forgotten about entirely and might never even make it. On the other hand, there are equally as many problems about being late with the release. Timing it just right is a good idea for embargoed press release.

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Two days or so before the release is published, get in touch with the individuals that it was sent to. Update the release and add additional information if necessary. Never browbeat editors or the journalists. Rather, give them the impression that a decent story has been stumbled upon and act like it will make some good copy for them. They want good stories and not promotions for market shills, so the story about the app will ultimately have to be written accordingly as a result.

Media Public Relations

New App Press ReleaseSince a press release is a way to get in touch with people on a global level, it really needs to look like it. Keep in mind the purpose. An editing checklist should really help to increase the chances that the focus on media public relations remains constant regardless of whatever else may happen:

  • Announce the actual release of the app with the press copy and invite the media to actually cover the software in full beyond the release
  • Issue a statement about the usefulness of the product overall, which can help to convince those who might otherwise have not seen it as having any real utility
  • Provide background information that could be beneficial to those who are considering a way in which they might make the app useful
  • Supplement some kind of late-breaking announcement about the program, which at one point may very well have been included in a read me announcement instead
  • Dispel any rumors that might have cropped up about things

In addition to the elements on this checklist, its important to remember that neatness actually counts when writing. Every single day news agencies are issued far more press releases then they could ever actually run. This is made slightly less problematic by the fact that there are simply so many news agencies around these days, especially on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to screen many of them out.

Mobile App Press ReleaseThink about how many apps are released on a weekly basis. The easiest way to get rid of some of the announcements is to scrap all that look sloppy or have proofreading mistakes. Even though not all of the remaining ones will get published, it does help to increase chances in this fashion quite a bit. Having realistic goals is always important, since some people expect fairly unrealistic things out of their initial press release. Making multiple news stories can sometimes be influential, though it’s always important to not overdo it. Otherwise people might simply start to ignore things, as they don’t want to read small revisions based around the same theme.

Hiring Out App Press Release Help

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