Best press release 2013 – Announce about your news

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At the beginning of this year 2013, you should be encouraged to announce about your news, and use press release as a method to market your business. Press Release Writers will help you get few ideas by publishing few headlines of press release 2013; but before we do, a quick review of the basic format and text content requirements of a press release is necessary:

The press release format 2013:

Learn how to format a press release correctly so it will be taken seriously by the media:

  1. Clear and brief title
  2. Large font size and bolded headline
  3. Mark the end with ### or
  4. Write your company’s contact information
  5. Form a dateline
  6. Include “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at the top-left hand margin.

Concerning the body text of your press release 2013:

  1. Write a brief yet powerful headline
  2. First Paragraph: Start with a short description of the news; the first paragraph is crucial to attract readers, this is exactly where you should include answers to the five crucial questions: when, where, why, what and who.
  3. Don’t write a long boring text: Be brief a regular press release is no more than one page.
  4. Include subheadings in your content: subheadings make an excellent guidance to readers. They will have the power to manipulate the text in an easier way. Subheadings will form a guide that they will be able to follow and find out the main ideas of your news.
  5. Include formatting: bold, underlined and italic text.
  6. Use images to design your press release.

Best Press Releases 2013

  • Thunderbird 2 flies again: The astonishing airship set to revolutionize haulage, tourism and warfare.
  • Australian scientists unveil Wallaby and Dingo, the radio telescope network in the outback they hope could discover 700,000 new galaxies in 2013
  • Are smart TV’s too clever for their own good? Researchers find we simply want to watch our favorite shows
  • Is this Samsung’s Galaxy S4? Pictures claiming to be new flagship handset leaked online
  • Is Facebook preparing to challenge mobile networks? New Messenger app feature will allow free voice calls to friends

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