Best Press Release Format

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Press release writers follow press release formats depending on what type of press release writing they provide. Press release format is very important since it serves as a guideline to all who write press releases. There is a standard press release format and be sure to follow it to assure the chances of being published. Here are a few examples you might follow to come up with the best press release format.

Choose the Best Press Release Format

First, a press release writer reports using the third person since it reports about a certain event and not about a personal experience. If you are a press release writer, you should write “According to Mrs. Fettifer, the book is about her life” instead of writing “I, Mrs. Fettifer, launch this book about my life”.

Second, press releases should be short—not to exceed 500 words or three paragraphs. Press release writing services often advice writers to limit their words not because it is the best press release format but because journalists, editors, and media men have tons of things to do. They won’t bother looking at long documents.

Third, write at the upper portion the urgency of the release. Is it for immediate release or for release on a certain date? You should write “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” or “HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL…” if the press release is embargoed.

Fourth, include a headline which outlines the ideas in your release. The press release format for a headline should be a statement which is clear and concise. This should not be hard since you see headlines in newspapers every day. If you engage the help of a press release writing service, be sure to ask them to come up with the best headline.

Fifth, orient the readers by providing them with information such as the place and date of the event. This should be done after the headline and before the body of the press release.

Sixth, write the body of the press release. This part should not exceed three paragraphs as much as possible except when the press release is a political speech. Remember that you are aiming to get the attention of the media so stick with the actual facts and avoid embellishments. Be sure that your grammar is correct. Spell check and proofread.

Seventh, you must provide a boilerplate. This contains any information about your company or organization that is presented in the press release. Normally, boilerplates do not exceed 100 words. If you cannot summarize your company information in 100 words, provide them with a website link for them to check.

Eighth, provide contact information such as company name, telephone numbers, fax, email addresses, and company address. If there be any clarifications in your press release, the members of the media can easily contact you.

Lastly, include three hash tags (###) at the end of your press release.

After following all the things listed above, always remember that there is no better format of a press release than an article which is clear, concise, informative, and straightforward. Stick with those four characteristics and your press release is ready to go!

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