Media Press Release

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The benefits of a social media press release revolve around the fact that it’s not part of a top-down conversation, and the Press Release Writing Service can help individuals to find more about the story. Previously, people waited for a regular media press release, and had no ability to comment on it. However, today’s world offers them far more options than they had in the past.

Social Media Press Release Benefits

If someone uses a Twitter press release to get the word out, it might appeal to individuals who are trying to figure out what to do next. Indeed, they might share it with friends asking the same question. People are also constantly obsessed with the opinions of others on a particular topic, and might want to learn a little more about how others view a situation. In any case, a Facebook press release is an excellent way to stimulate a Web 2.0 style conversation.

Social Media Press Release Audience

Since the audience actively participates in a social media press release, they are more apt to act on it. The conversation is multi-directional, and the gatekeepers of information are taken out of the equation. As well as customers, a social media press release could be aimed at the media. The vast majority of journalists now use the Internet every single day. Whether at work or home, they are constantly looking for news releases. This means that people stand to gain a great deal of media exposure if they actively use networking to bring attention to their news releases. In fact, word-of-mouth exposure can be almost infinite online. Search engine marketers have known this for years, but dedicating link sharing pages are now increasing this ability beyond even what email and instant messaging can accomplish.

Press Release Writing Service Networking

A social media press release is different than a traditional press release, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go together. Traditional press releases, social media and search engine optimization are three tools that go together when trying to fashion a complete awareness campaign. Hiring the Press Release Writing Service is the best way to get started.