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Promoting with a book press release

You don’t have to be a bestselling author to have a press release announcing your book. With self-publishing options, thousands of new authors are entering the market. An often overlooked tool at your disposal to help promote your book is the press release. Book PR provide an opportunity to let people know about your book. There are countless new book releases coming out all the time. If you sit around waiting for somebody to stumble across your book, you could be in for a long wait. Targeting the right market with your book press release can make all the difference. A well written book release or ebook press release for a new author may not get into the biggest publications but there are hundreds or even thousands who are looking for articles to put on their blogs, publications and podcasts amongst others.

Writing a book press release

Press releases have essentially the same structure that is fairly standard. A simple search on the internet will locate numerous templates you can use as a guide when writing your PR. Make sure you adhere to the template as many journalists and editors are looking at hundreds of PR a week. If something is out of place your release may be discarded. Press releases are written in the third person. Writing the PR will be similar to writing a newspaper story. The following list of tips may prove useful while writing your PR

  • Make your headline catchy. It should also clearly state the topic. Try to keep it to 7 words or less
  • The first paragraph should contain a brief summary of all important information and it should do it in only 2 or 3 sentences.
  • The next few paragraphs will expand on the point from the first paragraph. It should still be brief. Short sentences that are clear and concise. Resist using superlatives or anything that can be construed as a sales pitch. Simply report on the book and the author.
  • In the last paragraph tell where to buy the book. Include title, publisher name, book price
  • Provide source and contact information at the bottom of your PR
  • Proofread

Book press release through social media

Consider a press release for your book using social media. Add links to your website, Facebook fan page and Twitter feed. Use multimedia links and tags. If you encounter difficulty with writing your PR our company provides writing service that can help. Our writers and editors are professionals with experience and knowledge in writing PR that get results. Ordering is easily done online. We have affordable rates and provide outstanding service making us the best choice for book PR writing help or new company press release writing advice.

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