Can I lie in a press release?

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A news release is an announcement composed with the intent to draw the attention of the media and encourage reporters to publish the news. The statement can be about a grand opening, a new product, an award, a sales accomplishment or any other news of a value that could interest the public and help you spread the word about your business. The main thing to keep in mind, while writing, is that a lie in press release is a really bad idea. People can find out when you’re lying, they will get annoyed and immensely discouraged to continue reading. When writing a press release the first thing you are looking for is grabbing the attention of reporters, and no one will be interested in reading a lie. The first thing people will look for is news of value, news that could be trustworthy and this is exactly what you should give them in order to achieve a big success.

News release writing is an easy process once you have followed the exact requirements provided by Press Release Writers.

1.Learn how to format a press release correctly so it will be taken seriously by the media.

  1. Clear and brief title
  2. Large font size and bolded headline
  3. Include # # # at the bottom of your text or ENDS to announce the end of the body text.
  4. Write your company’s contact information at the top-left hand margin or at the bottom of your text right before ENDS or  ###
  5. Form a dateline that comprises the city where the article is created and the date.
  6. If you want your press release to be immediately published you should include at the top left of your release “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”, if not you should write instead “HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL…” and you give the exact desired date.

2.Concerning the body text:

  1. The headline: It should be brief and powerful.
  2. First Paragraph: Include answers to the five W questions.
  3. Interesting short text: Be brief a regular press release is no more than one page.
  4. Include subheadings in your content: subheadings make an excellent guidance to readers.
  5. Include formatting: bold, underlined, italic text will help highlight the important ideas of you release, as well as numbering or bulleting.
  6. Use images to design your press release: illustrations will draw more attention to your news. Press releases with graphics are more like to become.

Be sure that with Press Release Writers, you will always find the content and help you need!

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