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The Importance of the Press Release Headline

press release headlineThe press release headline is critical to your press release. Why is the press release heading so important? The headline you use in your press release is in large part responsible for:

  • Getting your press release picked up by news agencies and other publications. Your headline needs to get the attention of journalists and editors and show that you have a newsworthy story.
  • Catching the attention of the average reader. The headline must relate what the article is about as well as make the reader interested in reading further.
  • Getting ranked in search engines. Not only does the headline have to get readers attention, it needs to be found and ranked highly by search engines before a reader is ever likely to get to it.

The press release is a great way for smaller businesses to promote themselves on a small budget but to be effective the press release must get read, and the headline plays a major role in that.

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How to Write a Catchy Press Release Headline

There i a great deal riding on the success of your press release subheading. To give it the best chance of doing what it has to do use the following guidelines when creating press release headlines:

  • Keep it brief – Long headlines aren’t effective. Use a headline that is easy to read when scanning text.
  • Keep it clear – Avoid big words or those that most aren’t familiar with. Use language that is easy to understand and make it clear what the topic is.
  • Don’t hype – A press release is supposed to be a news story, not a sales brochure. Avoid the use of superlatives.
  • Be interesting – Create an emotion, show the reader how they benefit or be unique.
  • Put keywords near the beginning – Place keywords as close to the beginning of the title as possible to be more effective.

It isn’t easy to come up with a catchy headline and takes time and practice. You may want to consider using a press release writing service.

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