Charity Event Press Release-The Proven Method Of Attracting Peoples Attention

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Attracting attention with your charity event press release

Regardless of how worthy your cause, an event held to raise money and awareness for a charity will do neither if people don’t know about it. That is where the press release comes in. The whole purpose of a press release for an event held for charity is to attract attention. Journalists want stories that are useful, accurate and interesting so this is what your press release has to be. There is a standard for the way a press release is structured which should be adhered to. Journalists and editors see hundreds of press releases and writing in a standard format allows them to easily scan the material. There are many templates available for free online that can guide you in this. Press releases including new employee press release  are written in the third person as a journalist would write a news story.

How to attract attention with your charity event press release.

The first and best way to get attention with your press release is with the headline. It should hook the reader and make them want to know more, but the headline should be honest. If it promises something but doesn’t deliver you will likely lose the reader. The first paragraph should contain all the important and necessary information (who, what, when, where, why)in two to three concise sentences. It is essentially your story in a nutshell and if done correctly should tell the story on its own. The next two or three paragraphs should flesh out your story. A human interest angle appeals to readers but stay in third person reporting mode. Include a quote if possible and then include a call to action. The call to action is the point. You want people to attend the event. “For more information call” or “ For seating availability” or something that initiates an action. A brief statement about your organization will form the final paragraph. Include source and contact information at the bottom of the press release.

Keys for a successful charity event press release

By following a few guidelines you should be able to attract more attention for your charity event with the press release. The following checklist should help

  • Use a template to help format
  • Write an attention grabbing headline
  • Cover all important facts in the first paragraph
  • Concise and clear writing
  • Use a quote to create human interest
  • Have a call to action
  • Include contact information
  • Proofread

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