Company Press Release: Writing and Distribution

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Writing a press release whether it was a company press release, a grand opening press release, or a regular press release requires following precise pointers concerning the format and the text content.

1.Concerning the format:

  1. Clear and brief title
  2. Large font size and bolded headline
  3. Include # # # at the bottom of your text or ENDS.
  4. Write your company’s contact information at the top-left hand margin or at the bottom of your text right before ENDS or  ###
  5. Form a dateline that comprises the city where the article is created and the date.
  6. Include at the top-left “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”, for an immediate distribution or “HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL…” for a postponed distribution.

2.Concerning the body text:

  1. Take care of your Headline: make it brief yet attractive.
  2. First Paragraph: Start with a short description of the news; the first paragraph is crucial to attract readers, this is exactly where you should include answers to the five crucial questions: when, where, why, what and who.
  3. Don’t write a long boring text: Be brief a regular press release is no more than one page.
  4. Include subheadings in your content: subheadings make an excellent guidance to readers. They will have the power to manipulate the text in an easier way. Subheadings will form a guide that they will be able to follow and find out the main ideas of your news.
  5. Include formatting: bold, underlined, italic text will help highlight the important ideas of you release, as well as numbering or bulleting.
  6. Use images to design your press release: illustrations will draw more attention to your news. Company press releases with graphics are more like to become.

3.The distribution of a company press release:

  1. Free press release distribution sites: your choice should be made based on which ones will get the company press release added to new search engines.
  2. Send it to the Associated Press. It might be hard to get anything published through them but it doesn’t hurt to try; they might find the press release with a certain media value and be interested to cover your news.
  3. Send it to your local newspaper: small national newspapers or media centers are usually more susceptible to publishing local valuable news than others.

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