Concert Press Release

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What use does a concert press release have?

The press release announcing an upcoming concert serves to inform the public of the somewhat newsworthy event of a concert being held. However it also serves as a powerful promotional tool for those producing the concert and if wielded properly can really improve public awareness and interest. By choosing a good press release writer and targeting publications, blogs and other media venues that have an audience made up of those that would potentially be interested in your concert; you will have much greater success than with a shotgun type approach.

How do I get a good publication to publish my concert press release?

Some of the leading publications receive thousands of press releases every year with only a small percentage getting published. You can increase the odds of getting your new product press release published by following a few rules and keeping certain things in mind. A major point to remember is that magazines, newspapers, blogs etc are always looking for content. If the press release concert information is the type of information that will interest their audience, and it is well presented, so that it fits their content criteria, then your odds for acceptance are greatly increased. Write with this in mind. Some other rules that may help include the following

  • Write in a press release format. Free templates showing the physical layout of the standard press release are easily found online. Those who receive a lot of press releases will likely trash those that don’t adhere to format.
  • Use a headline that grabs attention
  • Include all necessary information. Try to think of the answer to any question a reporter might ask about your concert press release and provide an answer
  • Write in third voice and use clear concise sentences. Don’t waste words or use filler. This is a press release, not a concert flier
  • Don’t use clichés
  • Include contact information
  • Proofread. Don’t submit a press release with spelling or grammatical errors

The press release for concert you submit shouldn’t be over 500 words. Think about what you are writing and take your time. You want to convey as much information as possible using as few words as possible and remain interesting. It is a difficult skill to master.

What if my concert press release isn’t accepted?

Don’t take rejection personally. If possible ask why. Also don’t rest everything on one publication. Submit your press release to as many relevant publications and media venues as you can. If you encounter difficulties writing your concert press release, the press release writing services our company provides can help. We have professional writers who specialize in writing press releases. Ordering is easy with our online ordering process. On time delivery and press release quality are both guaranteed. Our affordable prices provide you with superior press release writing services. Contact us for all your press release needs.

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