Correct Embargoed Press Release Format

correct embargoed press release formatSome press releases are sent early and embargoed. With regards to press releases, embargo means an agreement between the news outlet or members and press release writer or company where the news is from not to publish a press release sent in advance.

Embargoed press release is a state where press release writers choose the date when to publish their press release writing.

An example of embargoed press release would be a copy of presidential speeches sent to the media in advance or products given to members of the media for review prior to their release dates.

Press release writing services make embargoed press releases only a few times because if you always embargo your news, its appeal deteriorates over time. Use an embargo only when you actually need it.

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There are several purposes of an embargoed press release. Since many forms of media are available to us such as print, audio, and online, press release distribution services may avail of an embargo to even out the playing field and synchronize the release of news. Why do they need to do that?

Embargoed press release formatOnline press releases are easier to publish so print media can be outdated if no embargoes are present. Also, the synchronized release of embargoed press releases produces more impact. If all are reporting your story at the same time, it creates an idea that what you say is relevant. Embargoed press release gives time for media persons to craft their story well. Since media men are busy people, give them some time to prepare for your story.

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Then you may ask the correct embargoed press release format. You should not worry if you know how to write a press release because they are more or less the same in format except for one thing. A press release has a statement on the upper portion saying “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”. For embargoed press release, you must include the specific date and time of the publication of your press release. In this case, there would be no confusion as to the date and time of release. You should write “Under embargo until September 30, 2012, 5:00 EST”. That is the correct embargoed press release format. If you avail of a press release distribution service, they are most likely knowledgeable of embargoes.

Here is a sample of an embargoed press release to help you learn the correct format.

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