Correct Press Release Format

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

A press release is still capable of being one of the most cost-effective ways of providing new business for your company. This very simple method is often dismissed by some as being ineffective; but that all depends on how you do it. Do it badly and you will get nothing, do it well and you can be deluged with new clients. To do it well, however, takes a lot of work and just writing a quick “article” and submitting it to various press release distribution sites will get you nowhere, this is probably why so many people dismiss the method as they just don’t understand what is required.

Using the Right Press Release Format

The format for a press release is pre defined and must be followed if you are looking to have your press release published. A press release is a journalistic style article and is expected to conform to their standards for publication, while many blogs and other sites use distribution services to get content it is still the news sites and magazines that set the standards for your press release format; get it wrong and you will not be published or even distributed in most cases. While you could search online to find a press release template these are still not going to help you write a successful press release. A successful press release requires you to do more than just meet the press release format, you need to write in the correct journalistic style and have an eye-catching headline that is going to act as your hook and reel the reader into reading your release. Once they are reading you must capture their attention very quickly, typically within a few lines or the reader will want to read a different article. You must also conclude with some form of call to action if you want to gain any benefit from your press release. Our advice is to always have your press release written by a professional service like ours to ensure that you will get published in locations that you are looking for. It is not expensive and the results will be far better.

Distributing Your Successful Press Release

Once you have your release written in the correct press release format it is time to distribute your press release. Submit your release to our service and select the sites you would like your release to go to and we will do the rest for you. Our service will manually add your press release to the major press release submission sites so that your release will be published and made available to many thousands of publishers across the entire Internet who are actively seeking stories like yours.