Creating a Book Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

The difficulty to publish a book can be disheartening but thanks to winning press releases, you can properly publicize it to the right audience. Remember that writing a book press release so take your time and create several drafts in order to ensure its overall effectiveness. If you are struggling with your book launch press release, here are several tips that might be useful in your continued pursuit to excellence.

  • Before writing your book press release, you should know who your audience will be; this will allow you to choose carefully the words and details of your press release.
  • Take note that your book launch press release will be sent out to newspapers, radio stations, magazines, televisions and other media networks. Allocate enough time in writing your press release; this will affect the success of your book launching.
  • Always start your book press release with an attention grabbing headline. The main goal of your book launch press release is to attract the attention of your readers so keep it brief and yet interesting.
  • Make sure that your book press release is infused with proper details and keywords. In fact, press release services suggest the usage of correct terminologies in order to lure in the attention of your audience to your book launch press release.
  • Do not be afraid to solicit help from press release writing services as they can provide you 24/7 assistance and guarantee the quality of your book press release. Press release writing services can also access writing help and distribution services to maximize the success of your press release.
  • Keep in mind that your readers might have minimal time to spare so use short bullet points that will enable them to get the gist of your book press release.
  • If all else fails, get press release services online as they can assist you in writing and sending out your book launch press release to popular outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s and other relevant networks.

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