Creating a Media Kit with Us

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Create a Press Kit

A media kit is a great way to communicate with the public, to get your message out there and to try and create buzz for what you’re doing, and if you come up with a good one then you’ve got a great shot to gain interest and boost the profile of what you’re doing. However creating a media kit that’s comprehensive and high quality, that informs the press of everything they need to know but also is interesting and intriguing enough to convince them of its value is quite a challenge. That’s what our professional service is here for! When it comes to creating a press kit there’s no better and more experienced professionals than our team and our service!

Making a Press Kit with the Pros You Can Trust

To make a press kit you need to address each faction of your undertaking and present it in a way that makes it unique, that can win people over and gain their interest in what you’re doing. This is all about the writing skill, the ability to infuse life into content that’s often merely informative, and that’s exactly what our team of professionals specialize in. If you need to create a media kit then we’re the destination to get it done, we’ve got professionals who have worked on many different media kits for many different people and companies, so regardless of what you’re looking for and what your press kit is about you can count on our team of pros to provide you with the high quality assistance that you need!

Be ready to start a successful advertising campaign with our special media kit. Our comprehensive pack will help you to reach all kinds of medias and promote your product or services to more tentative customers. Ordering one kit you will get all products at once and a special 20% discount.

Suzanne, PR Expert

Why Media Kit?

  • Different Media Channels
  • Comprehensive Approach
  • On and Off-site Optimization
  • Marketing Selling Texts
  • Additional Discount

Translation Service Press Release Sample

Press Release Writing

    • catchy headline
    • dynamic content
    • proper SEO format
    • links with anchors
    • pictures and videos

Press Release Distribution Report

Press Release Distribution

    • manual submission
    • relevant categories
    • trusted PR sites
    • sites with up to PR6
    • detailed report

Press Release in Google News

Submission to Google News

    • quick turnaround
    • manual submission
    • proper links
    • posting in reputable site
    • screenshot sent as a proof

Business/Personal Profile

    • catchy profile layout
    • selling marketing texts
    • precise descriptions
    • appealing pictures
    • showcasing your benefits

Promotional Video

    • variety of actors
    • help with the script
    • custom approach
    • quick production
    • high video quality

How We Work

All you need to do to create press kit with our professional service is fill out the order form with details of what you need, attach any documents which are needed or will assist in the completion, and tell us when you need it done. Our pros will get to work on building a press kit for you with a professional that has specialized expertise and experience. When it comes to creating a media press kit there’s simply no service that makes it easier and more accessible than us!