Creating a Movie Press Release

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

Promoting a new film is essential as it helps draw in the right crowd to watch the product of your craft. Just like a restaurant opening press release creates buzz, so should your film press release make noise about your upcoming film. It may be challenging to write it at first, but once you master the format and flow of a press release, it will be easier to come up with a great press release to promote your film.

Steps to Writing a Film Press Release

  • Format – When writing a press release, you need to follow the right format as it shows your ability as a public relations expert. There are various templates online that shows you where to put your company’s name, the headline, the body, and the conclusion of your press release. Choose one that suits your needs.
  • Headline – This is what you will need to attract the attention of your readers. Make it stand out by writing an eye-catching headline. Don’t forget to put it in BOLD as it helps draw the eyes of your reader.
  • Answer the WH- Questions – It’s important that your press release answers the WH – questions as journalists will want to get into the meat of your press release immediately.
  • Contact Information – This is usually in the second paragraph where you tell the media where you can be reached for further information about your film.
  • Expand Your News – The third paragraph is more on expanding the first paragraph. Talk about your film, the characters, or perhaps a notable actor you got to work with. Keep it brief but interesting.
  • Add Boilerplate – Don’t forget to insert information about your organization or film company at the bottom of your press release.

Professional Press Release Movie

Your press release should be written in a professional manner as you will be dealing with people who can help spread word about your film. Use a format when writing a press release as it will show your level of professionalism in your work. As you write your PR, make sure that you remove all unnecessary sentences. Your press release should be brief but worth reading.

Step It Up

Your film press release is your ticket to getting word about your film out there. The more interesting it is, the easier it will be to convince the media to cover your film. The steps mentioned above can help you with your writing task. Just don’t forget to proofread your work afterwards.

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