Creating a Press Release Step by Step

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A press release is a statement directed to the members of the media which aims to be publicized. Oftentimes, press release writing services write press releases for companies, politicians, authors, and other people who need publicity. Press release writers do their jobs in an astonishing manner and everyone can be as good as them. Here are a few things you might need to know in creating a press release.

Easy Steps in Creating Your Press Release

Creating a press release is not hard as it sounds if you follow these simple steps.

  1. Make sure that what you will write about is newsworthy.
  2. Know what to include. Just as any other writing, there are essential elements that a press release writer should include such as the headline, dateline, introduction, the body, boilerplate, close, and contact information.
  3. Write the headline in bold letters. A headline is the part of a press release writing that provides an overview of the whole document. It must be brief, clear, and straightforward. For example, “Senator’s son got hit by a train in Manhattan this morning”. Upon reading the headline, you already know what the story is about.
  4. The main part in creating a press release is writing the body. Since most journalists and media men deal with a lot of documents each day, write the body of your press release as you want it to appear in the news. You must avoid long sentences and paragraphs. Also, avoid the use of surplus words by writing in the active voice and in third person.
  5. Creating a press release is centered on facts. Readers want information so provide them with true facts. To check whether you have included all the relevant facts, the press release should answer the basic questions such as who, what, where, when, why, and how.
  6. Press release writing services give guidelines on format so check what they require. Make sure you follow the proper format—from writing to submission. Your press release should be brief, not exceeding 500 words. Keep it short and straightforward. Also, proofread and check your grammar several times. Readers need to know what you want to say and don’t let mistakes ruin that!
  7. Include company information so that you will easily be contacted if there are any problems or clarifications regarding the press release.
  8. Provide them with a website link and your contact information in case the media men want to conduct interviews.
  9. End your press release with three hash tags (###).

Creating a press release design is easy if you follow the guide above. You don’t need the help of a press release distribution service if you put your heart to writing your article.

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