Creating Product Press Release

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New products need to be promoted and what better way to do that than writing a press release for it? A press release for a new product tells the media and the target audience what the product is all about, what it is for, when it will be released, and where it will be sold and so on. A well written press release should contain all relevant information written in an engaging manner. How can you do this? Here are a few steps to take.

Steps to Writing a Press Release for a New Product

  • Create an Outline – When writing a press release, you need to create an outline that answers all the WH- questions that you think the media and your target audience will ask. Think of what makes your product different from the rest and why it should be bought.
  • Follow a Format – There are templates to writing a press release. Choose one that best suits your needs.
  • Make Your Headline Stand Out – Your headline should already give your readers an idea on what your press release will be about. Think about keywords that can be used to search more about your product.
  • Make the Body of Your PR Informative – In the body of your PR, you should give a summary of the product that you are promoting as well as provide the media with information that answers the what, when, who, where, and why. Make sure that you are sharing relevant information and not being to sales-y with your writing.
  • Provide Contact Information – See to it that your press release has information regarding your company as well as where the media can contact you to get additional data about your new product.
  • Proofread – Before you post your press release, double check your work.

Where to Find an Example of a Press Release for a New Product

The internet is a good place to find examples of press releases that are designed to promote new products. You can use these samples as templates as you build your own press release. Make sure, however, that the samples you are using are professionally done or are applicable to the kind of product that you are about to promote.

Impressive Press Release

As you write your press release for a new product, think about what questions the media will most likely ask about your product. It would be a good idea to provide them with all the answers in your press release but make sure that you make your PR content brief and to the point.

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