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At VideoTestimonial.org we provide actors who can bring your real testimonials to your life to help your customers make decisions. The people featured in our video testimonials are paid actors and the opinions they express in the videos may not be their own. We make no guarantee that the actors have used these services themselves. It is the responsibility of our service customer to responsibly make use of these videos we produce and to put them properly in context, we are not to be held liable or responsible for their use or content, unbiasness and validity of the opinions given to us and our actors as the script.

All reviews, testimonials, and opinions expressed are those which reflect personal experience and may not be accurately representative of the opinion of consumers as a whole. The actors featured in the video testimonials are compensated by us to bring the reviews of your real customers to life – those reviews you provide us as the script for the video. All testimonials are for reference purposes only to assist customers in making their own decisions on whether or not they should use your services. All videos we produce are solely to visualize those real feedbacks your real customers had ever submitted to you.

The opinions expressed in the videos may not reflect the opinions of our actors and the actors and us are not to be held liable or responsible for these opinions.

It is strongly recommended that when taking testimonials into account you also consider other sources of information and reference as the opinions expressed in the testimonials are personal opinion which you may not share. Be wary of fake testimonials, accurate and official testimonials will be presented with a marker of being true (“True Story Filmed by Us”), and the sites on which they are featured will have a disclaimer which state that the aforementioned video features actors as customers and that the actors have not necessarily used the services in question.

We remind that false/fake/biased testimonials cannot be good from ethical and legal aspects. It is sole responsibility of the video production services buyer to notify own audience and customers on the origin of the videos purchased through our website.

We and our actors hold no responsibility for any use of the videos we produce – the responsibility is fully on the buyer’s end.