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Can you write me a good press release?
Yes; we hire the very best journalists for our press release writing service who have a huge amount of experience in writing successful press releases. Their skill ensures that your will get a press release that will be able to grab the attention of those potential customers.

I have been told that press releases are a waste of time, are they?

A press release is like any other news type article; if it does not manage to hook in the reader it will never be read or even published. This is why our press release writing service prides itself on hiring the best writers to provide you with engaging and successful press releases.

How many sites could my press release be published on?

Our online press release service can get your press release to many thousands of sites online through our press release distribution service. Using our writing and distribution services can help to maximize the likelihood that your press release will be published on multiple sites all across the Internet.

How will my press release be published on relevant websites?

Most websites search for content that is relevant to their niche; this could be specific products, services, industries or even geographical locations. We ensure that when we distribute a press release that it correctly categorized, tagged, and contains the relevant keywords to ensure that it will be found by the sites to which it is most relevant.

Are your writers qualified to write a press release?

Our writers are qualified and experienced journalists who have a vast amount of experience in writing press releases. We only hire the very best for our press release writing service and thoroughly test them during recruitment as well as monitoring their performance thereafter.

Will my press release appear in Google News?

To appear in Google News you have to have been published by one of the many news sites that Google catalogs to draw news from. By using our press release writing service and our press release distribution service you maximize the chances that you will appear. We also ensure that your press release will contain the right keywords to be found by relevant searches.

Can you write my press release for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is vitally important for any form of online writing if you want it found by the search engines; yet if you overdo it you can have the reverse effect and bury your press release. Our press release writing service understands how to write for SEO without overstepping the requirements of Google and the other search engines.