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Fashion Mogul Announces Plans to Promote Her New Fashion Line in her hometown of Merrick, New York, Seeks Local Models for Campaign 

June 5, 2014 – Merrick, NY – Ally Marcello, one of the world’s most sought-after fashion designers, announced today that she is planning on unveiling her newest collection in her hometown of Merrick, NY this month.

Marcello was born and raised in Merrick and moved to Los Angeles right out of high school to begin her career in fashion design. She is now the principal of Sweeties Suits, a trendy bathing suit line for teenagers and young adults.

“I’ve been to beaches all over the world, and I truly believe that Long Island has some of the best beaches anywhere,” said Marcello. “They’re aren’t always picture perfect, but that will resonate more with our customers more than the typical Bora Bora-esque beach that is typically seen in summer ads. We want our girls to feel at home in our suits and the best way to accomplish this is by showing them local girls wearing the bathing suits at normal beaches – a beach they will actually be able to pick up and go to with their friends this summer.”

Marcello and her team will be scouting the beaches over the next few weeks in an attempt to find cast some Long Islanders as amateur models for her next ad campaign.

“This tactic is inline with our strategy to share our product with everyone – not just the unattainable ‘rich and famous’ that we all hear way too much about” said Ally. “And of course, Long Island girls are the best the world.”

Marcello and her team will be in the area from June 10, 2014 until June 17, 2014. Marcello plans to stay with her parents at their home in Merrick.

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