Features of a Good Press Release

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There are too many press release writers in the world that produce a vast amount of press release writing everyday whether for their own or for a press release distribution service. Because of that, not all press releases are considered by the members of the media. Therefore, writing a good press release is leverage. In order to check whether your article is worth the attention of the media, you might ask what a good press release is. Here are the seven basic features of a good press release.

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First, a good press release follows standard protocols such as word count, format, submission guidelines, and other procedure accepted and agreed upon by press release writers. A bad press release is not read by editors and is never published. Once proper format is not followed, the possibility of your press release being published is unlikely.

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Second, a good press release is a press release that has no spelling nor grammatical errors. Imagine that there are spelling or grammatical errors in a press release you are reading. The result would be giving attention to the errors and not the content of the press release. A bad press release is most likely to have errors. The remedy: spell check and proofread as many times as possible. That is one way of coming up with a great press release.

Third, it must be noted that a great press release is clear, concise, and straightforward. You hear these three words all the time and these are your guide in writing a good press release.

Fourth, press release writing services encourage a press release writer to include photographs and other visual aid in their press release. This is a key feature of a good press release. By providing pictures and images, you are informing your readers to a deeper level.

Fifth, a great press release is an informative press release. Your writing should provide new information as much as possible. Press release writing is also about sharing new ideas and information to your readers. Not only does your press release be catchy, it should also be relevant.

Sixth, the story you want to be published by members of the media must be newsworthy. Although you have all the features of a good press release but your story is not worthy, then it would not be published.

The last feature of a great press release is clarity. To be good, your press release should be able to answer the basic questions who, what, where, when, why, and how.

With all these features, you can write a good press release.

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