Film Festival Press Release

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Why do I need a film festival press release?

If you are planning a film festival and you want to attract interest and attention a press release is one of the best tools that you have. Also to be considered is why you are having a film festival. Is it to raise money for an organization, to increase awareness for a certain genre of film or a certain actors body of work. Besides informing on the film festival itself, the music festival press release can also raise public awareness of whatever group, organization or cause the festival is being held for.

What information should be included in my film festival press release?

The press release is meant to promote your film festival and the group/cause its being held for, so information about the film festival will be included. The publications that you submit your google press release to are not interested in promoting. They are interested in content that is interesting and informative for their reading audience. Target publications whose audience includes those who might be interested in either the type of films included in your festival, or in the cause its being held for. If well written and presented so that it meets the requirements of good content then it’s much more likely to be accepted. Your film press release film festival information should include the following

  • Who is sponsoring the film festival
  • What steps a person takes to attend
  • When the film festival is being held
  • Where the festival is being held
  • Why the festival is being held

Structuring the film festival press release

Press releases are always written in the third person. Use one of the free templates available online for exact physical layout. The information you are providing will be structured as follows

  • Headline- It should be 8 words or less that clearly identify the topic. Should also be catchy
  • First paragraph-The opening paragraph should contain the information mentioned above (the 5 W’s) in 2 to 3 sentences
  • Body- The body will expand on the information provided in the first paragraph. It should be clear and concise statements without unnecessary filler. You can list the films being shown and a few words about them.
  • Final paragraph-The last paragraph will contain a sentence or 2 about the film festivals sponsor and/or cause its being held for. At the end of the last paragraph include a call for action and the necessary contact information.
  • The bottom of the press release will contain contact information for the media

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