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Press Release Template WordThe basic format for most press releases is essentially the same although there are slight variations depending on the type of press release as well as the publication. Due to format similarity you can often write a simple press release by filling in the blanks of a press release template. Word documents are a common way of saving press release templates and there are many free press release word templates for almost any purpose that can be downloaded from the internet. Some of the benefits of using free templates for word include:

  • Cost – For those on a tight budget, free templates are very attractive
  • Easy to edit – Most people who use computers have a passing familiarity with Word documents and can do basic editing even if they don’t use word regularly.
  • Versatile – Many different word processing programs are able to handle Word documents
  • Guide for press release structure – A good template enables anybody to write a basic press release by essentially filling in the blanks

Example of a press release template word document

The following is an example of an event press release word template:

Contact Information:


{Contact person and his/her info}

{Company/Individual} Presents {Name and/or Description of Event}


{City, State} – {Company/Individual} will present {Name of Event}, taking place at {Location of Event} on {Date}, and featuring {performers, guests, showcases, etc.}.

{Company/Individual} is proud to bring {Name of Event} to {Location of Event} for {the first time, the tenth year in a row, etc.}. {Name of Event} will {further description on what will take place at event}.

{More details about event; include ticket prices, if applicable and where/how to purchase tickets}.

{Quote from performer, guest, previous attendees, critics, etc.}

{Boilerplate about company/individual, event and/or any prominent performers and/or guests}.


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