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Why do I need a press release?

There are hundreds of reasons why you would need a press release and how you could benefit from a press release. When your business publishes a press release, it has the possibility of being syndicated thousands of times on the high ranking sites. This means when our press release writers craft your press release, your announcement, information and link is also on the internet in the thousands. This can be very beneficial in boosting the rankings for your website. A press release can be syndicated repeatedly; this means a lot more traffic and the potential for a lot more sales.

Why is your service any different from the other press release services?

At pressreleasewriters.org we hire only the best press release writers in the industry. Our writers have a dedication to the delivery of only the highest quality work and they are committed to providing each client with the individual service they deserve. We live by the motto that your success is our success; therefore we want your press release to help you be successful.

Why do I need to use keywords?

There are thousands of press releases that get distributed through Google News on a daily basis and the RSS feeds using targeted keywords are the best syndicates. What this means, is that websites, blogs, people and/or additional news sites group the announcements and news in categories so the readers can easily find what their interests are. If someone can find their interest quickly, they are more apt to continue with the click to get more information.

How soon after placing my order does my press release go out?

Our press release writers will immediately go to work on your press release. As soon as we have your information, it is typically between 24-48 hours after that your press release will be delivered. Each order is different and we want to deliver a quality press release, so the time for delivery will depend on the order, however, we will get the press release completed and delivered as soon as possible.

How many links can be in my press release?

As long as you do not go over the limit on the word count, you can have as many links as you want. Going over the word count will not only be an additional charge, but you also risk having a press release that doesn’t read well because of the large number of links included in the text. Also if there are too many links, the search engines may view the press release as a red flag, because the text does not seem natural. To determine the best amount of links is to discuss the word count and your text with your project manager and they will be happy to offer suggestions for optimizing your press release.