Okay, you are ready to order your press release but you have a couple of additional questions. We are happy to answer them for you, but your answer just might be on this page already. So take a brief minute to review our FAQ page and let us know if you still have questions.

How do I get Started?

First you must submit your information to the company so that our press release writers can create your press release. Remember the more information you provide on your company the more detailed we can be when creating your press release. Be sure to provide your contact information on the questionnaire so that we can contact you if our writers have any questions. After a draft is completed we will contact you for approval. Most of the needed information is provided on the How it Works Page. Please visit this page for further steps of the process.

How long will it take to see results?

We commend ourselves on providing quality press releases and distribution. While we can’t guarantee that traffic will take off for your website we estimate that most companies see results within 2-4 weeks after the press release has been distributed. There are some variations with each company depending on the industry, and the amount of places the press release is distributed to.

Can I just get the Press Release or do I have to get Distribution too?

While we would love for you to get the combined services with our company we do provide them as separate services. You can receive just a press release without using our distribution services. However we do offer them both as a package. You can read more information on our services page.

How much will the press release cost?

This varies from company to company depending on the services required and if there are any special requests. The press releases are offered at market price but the prices change if there are any add ons. The combination of Press Release writing and distribution can be received as a package inquire and speak with one of our staff for more details. You can do this by reaching our Contact Us page.