Game Press Release

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Write a game press release to promote your game

With all the competition producing new games you need something that will help your game get noticed and not be lost in the crowd. Game press releases are an excellent way to promote a new game and get it recognized. You should target your press release to publications, blogs and such that are involved in the game industry. Press releases are written in the third person much like a news story. Your press release must first get the attention of those editors, journalists, and bloggers you are sending it to.

Structure of your game press release

Most press releases are formatted in much the same way and will contain the same elements.. Those elements are as follows

  • Headline. The headline should be an attention getter but at the same time make the topic clear.
  • First paragraph- The first paragraph will contain all the important information in your release. This is the who, what, when, where, and why of your story. Two or three sentences are all you should use in the first paragraph.
  • Body- the next couple of paragraphs are used to elaborate a little on the elements touched on in your first paragraph/ Give some more details about your game but avoid too many superlatives or words that could be considered a sales pitch.
  • Include a quote near the end of the body
  • Provide information on where and when they can get the game
  • The final paragraph will provide some basic information about the company or developer of the game
  • At the bottom of the press release provide source and contact information

The entire game press release should only be a page in length. Use a template to make sure you keep to the proper layout. Due to the many press releases they see a lot of editors or journalists may just delete it if they see it’s not in press release format.

Some tips for writing a games press release

You want your press release to get people’s attention and read further, to generate interest. The following are a few basic tips that can help

  • Keep everything clear and concise. Short paragraphs and short sentences
  • Don’t use fluff or filler
  • Avoid the use of clichés
  • Remember to use quotes
  • Proofread

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