Global VS Local Press Release Distribution Services

A Catchy Title 100% Tailored to Your Business

A press release, also known as a media release, is basically a straight forward article that has a journalistic writing style. The goal of a press release is to highlight an interesting and newsworthy story about your business. A press release distribution service will submit your press release to thousands of directories and readers interested in the niche for which your press release has been drafted. There are several different ways for a press release to be distributed such as a local press release, a global press release or an international press release.

Global Press Release Distribution

Our global press release distribution has the ability to quickly identify the targeted audience for your product or service on a worldwide level. Your press release can reach worldwide audiences that have an interest in your specific niche. Our global media database and state of the art technology provides an unparalleled distribution of your press release. Your news release will reach over 700,000 bloggers and journalists. We provide the largest global press release distribution network that is capable of reaching over 8000 websites.

Local Press Release Distribution

With professional local press release distribution services make it easy to keep in touch with local businesses. Your unique press release will be customized to fit the local press and be keyword optimized to a specific niche and the area that is local to your business. Our local press release distribution service makes sure your press release is optimized for search engines with keywords that aim the news locally. A local press release will help to drive local traffic to your website, increase your local search engine rankings and increase local sales.

International Press Release Distribution

An international press release distribution is the perfect way of reaching a target audience around the world as well as close to home. Our professional service can distribute press releases, nationally, locally, internationally and/or regionally. We will customize the press release to suit your company’s individual needs. The goal of an effective press release is to provide relevant news about your business and our international press release distribution service gives you the chance to improve the search engine optimization for your press release.