Help to Write Fashion Press Release

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Press releases are handy if you want to spread word about a product, a service, or even an event. In the fashion industry, press releases are often used as they help get media coverage. A fashion show press release is one that contains information about the upcoming event, what makes this event worth looking into, and why it’s different from other fashion shows. The trick is finding the right words to intrigue the media to check out your show.

How to Write a Fashion Show Press Release

  • Know your topic. Think about the fashion show that you are promoting and how you can relate it to the media specializing in fashion.
  • Simple and straight to the point. Your press release should be brief and concise. Remember that you’re not here to write a several pages worth of press release. Keeping it short and simple is the best way to go.
  • Make your headline pop. Your headline should capture the interest of your reader immediately. This part of your headline should be written in bold.
  • Your first paragraph is important. The first line or the lead should contain key information on what your press release is all about. The next two or three sentences should support your first sentence.
  • Write an informative body. The body of your press release should answer the WH- questions. Again, your paragraphs here should be short but informative not to mention interesting to read.
  • Wrap it up. The last part of your press release is where the boilerplate and your contact information are found.

Need a Fashion Show Press Release Sample?

If you are looking for a fashion press release example, you’ll find dozens online. There are templates available that you can use as patterns when writing your own press release. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing book press releases or press releases for fashion shows; you should make your PR short and to the point as much as possible.

Write like a Pro

Even if this is your first time to write a fashion show press release, there is no excuse for you not to write in a professional manner. The steps mentioned above are guides that you can follow as they are often used by press release writers.

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